Our Story Isn't Long

We started as three brothers lead by our father. Since a very young age we were taught how to work hard and how to weld by simply following our fathers footsteps. In High-school we excelled in our welding shop classes and got the opportunity to compete in Skills USA. In which we won 1st place in our district in Waco and then got the opportunity to compete in state for welding fabrication. After we all graduated we all took different paths in life. One of use went to get further education and the other two took their skills and applied them. Now we sharpen our skills by building many steel structures. We are not experts, but we accept that. We plan to grow and improve to the point we are. Now we invite you to start a project with us so that we may showcase our skills and hard work.  

About Us

First we are a family, Secondly we are friends, and finally we are a team.

We have approximately 10 years of combine experience. 

What is the reason for starting the business?

“We decided to come together and create a company that is driven to serve others how we would want to be served.” 

Our Goals

We have two main goals.

Our first goal is to provide our customers with simple plans that are hassle free and cost advantages. Then having that steel structure be a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our second goal is to be the number one preferred welding/erecting sub-contractor. In the North Texas area.